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    Antimicrobial resistance constitutes a global health burden and research efforts are aimed at combatting the emergence of resistant microorganisms. In this Viewpoint article, several experts in the field discuss the role that rapid diagnostic tests have in managing the challenge of antimicrobial resistance, the drawbacks of current diagnostic methods, novel diagnostic strategies, and how such rapid diagnostic tools can inform drug development and the surveillance of resistance evolution.

    • Carey-Ann D. Burnham
    • , Jennifer Leeds
    • , Patrice Nordmann
    • , Justin O'Grady
    •  & Jean Patel
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    Zoonotic diseases present a substantial global health burden. In this Opinion article, Plowright et al. present an integrative conceptual and quantitative model that reveals that all zoonotic pathogens must overcome a hierarchical series of barriers to cause spillover infections in humans.

    • Raina K. Plowright
    • , Colin R. Parrish
    • , Hamish McCallum
    • , Peter J. Hudson
    • , Albert I. Ko
    • , Andrea L. Graham
    •  & James O. Lloyd-Smith
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    The WHO targets measles elimination by 2020, a goal that relies on high vaccination coverage. Here, Takahashi et al. identify ‘coldspots’ in the African Great Lakes region where measles vaccine coverage is below 80%, suggesting that these regions should be targeted in future vaccination campaigns.

    • Saki Takahashi
    • , C. Jessica E. Metcalf
    • , Matthew J. Ferrari
    • , Andrew J. Tatem
    •  & Justin Lessler

News and Comment

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    The recommendation that antibiotic courses are always completed should be dropped according to a recent analysis. While a welcome addition to discussion on the role of stewardship in tackling resistance, caution should be applied before advice on prescription practices and communication with patients is altered.

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    We spoke with Gary Nabel about research funding, making the move from academia to industry, transformative innovation to improve global health, and the current state of the infectious disease drug pipeline.

    • Nonia Pariente
  • Editorial |

    If we are to be successful in keeping priority pathogens at bay in the long term, global responses to antimicrobial resistance should embrace and fund innovative therapeutic strategies that are developed in the basic microbiology laboratory.

  • Editorial |

    As anti-vaccination movements gain momentum in some regions, World Immunization Week 2017 reminds us that vaccines work and are safe, and that ideological positions contrary to this truth ignore the weight of scientific evidence and deny a long history of lives being saved, endangering many more.