Plant transporters


Plant transporters are molecules, frequently proteins, specialized for transporting water, food, wastes and other materials within plants.

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    Plastids are integrated into the cellular metabolism by several metabolite and ion transporters. The first crystal structure of one of these transporters, a member of the plastid phosphate transporter family, unravels a rocker-switch transport mode and serves as lead structure for other plastidial and endomembrane system transporters.

    • Karsten Fischer
    •  & Andreas P. M. Weber
    Nature Plants 3, 771–772
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    GABA, a major brain neurotransmitter, was known to be important in plant development and stress responses. The discovery of an anion channel inhibited by GABA in wheat confirms its signalling role, indicating a convergent similarity between plants and animals.

    • Viktor Žárský
    Nature Plants 1, 15115
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    Ascorbate is synthesized in mitochondria but needed in chloroplasts. Identification of a transporter bridging the chloroplast envelope membranes that separate cell cytoplasm from chloroplast stroma reveals a connection between ascorbate transport and cellular redox homeostasis.

    • Christine H. Foyer
    Nature Plants 1, 14012