Plant signalling

Plant signalling involves the conveying of information within and between plant cells from receptor systems to effectors. Signals can take many forms, including chemical and electrical, and signalling can occur locally within a single plant or between different plants, including plants of different species.

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    Seasonal control of flowering is a dramatic example of interactions between genes and environment, and is mostly studied in growth chambers. However, switching from natural settings to artificial conditions affects phenotypes. More natural responses in cabinets can be obtained by only modifying a few environmental parameters.

    • Kayla McCarthy
    •  & Seth J. Davis
    Nature Plants 4, 750-751
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    Like all living organisms, without exception, plants integrate many external signals to adapt to their environment and increase their fitness. Is this a proof of intelligence? It depends on the meaning of the word; and it really does not matter.

    • Daniel A. Chamovitz
    Nature Plants 4, 622-623