Plant molecular biology

Plant molecular biology is the study of the molecular basis of plant life. It is particularly concerned with the processes by which the information encoded in the genome is manifested as structures, processes and behaviours.

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  • Editorial |

    The belated arrival of the Antirrhinum genome sequence brings this classic model plant into the genomic age and opens up increased avenues for plant biology research.

    Nature Plants 5, 121
  • News and Views |

    Plants synthesize a diversity of cell walls to fit the needs of different cell types and phases of development. A group of transcription factors has now been identified that governs formation of one type of primary cell wall.

    • Daniel J. Cosgrove
    Nature Plants 4, 748-749
  • News and Views |

    Metabolon-formation governs the biosynthetic efficiency of natural plant products. Identification of membrane-anchored proteins has now led to discovery of the metabolic channelling mechanism of phenylpropanoid biosynthesis.

    • Bin Wang
    •  & Qiao Zhao
    Nature Plants 4, 245-246