Physics is the search for and application of rules that can help us understand and predict the world around us. Central to physics are ideas such as energy, mass, particles and waves. Physics attempts to both answer philosophical questions about the nature of the universe and provide solutions to technological problems.


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  • Research | | open

    The intraseasonal barotropic response of the ocean has been assumed to be negligible in tropical regions. We show that boreal winter MJOs, aided by ocean stratification, trigger a significant basin-wide barotropic sea level response in the tropical Indian Ocean at intraseasonal time scales.

    • B. Rohith
    • , Arya Paul
    • , Fabien Durand
    • , Laurent Testut
    • , S. Prerna
    • , M. Afroosa
    • , S. S. V. S. Ramakrishna
    •  & S. S. C. Shenoi
  • Research | | open

    Standard time domain photoacoustic imaging techniques neglect the abundant information encoded in the frequency domain of photoacoustic signals. The authors present an imaging technique that utilizes features in photoacoustic signal power spectra to visualize structures of different scale in image datasets acquired using classical methods.

    • Michael J. Moore
    • , Eno Hysi
    • , Muhannad N. Fadhel
    • , Suzan El-Rass
    • , Yongliang Xiao
    • , Xiao-Yan Wen
    •  & Michael C. Kolios
  • Research | | open

    The cellular functions of arrestins are determined in part by the pattern of phosphorylation on the G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) to which arrestins bind. Here, authors use a library of synthetic phosphopeptide analogues of the GPCR rhodopsin C-terminus and determine the ability of these peptides to bind and activate arrestins using a variety of biochemical and biophysical methods.

    • Daniel Mayer
    • , Fred F. Damberger
    • , Mamidi Samarasimhareddy
    • , Miki Feldmueller
    • , Ziva Vuckovic
    • , Tilman Flock
    • , Brian Bauer
    • , Eshita Mutt
    • , Franziska Zosel
    • , Frédéric H. T. Allain
    • , Jörg Standfuss
    • , Gebhard F. X. Schertler
    • , Xavier Deupi
    • , Martha E. Sommer
    • , Mattan Hurevich
    • , Assaf Friedler
    •  & Dmitry B. Veprintsev
  • Research | | open

    Applications of high temperature superconductors often use layers of materials, and the application of a magnetic field to these layers can generate disk-like pancake vortices within layers crossed with vortices in between layers. The authors present low temperature magnetic force microscopy imaging on a layered superconducting crystal and demonstrate that they are able to manipulate the crossed vortex lattices, hence making this technique an ideal tool for imaging and manipulating superconducting vortices.

    • Alexandre Correa
    • , Federico Mompeán
    • , Isabel Guillamón
    • , Edwin Herrera
    • , Mar García-Hernández
    • , Takashi Yamamoto
    • , Takanari Kashiwagi
    • , Kazuo Kadowaki
    • , Alexander I. Buzdin
    • , Hermann Suderow
    •  & Carmen Munuera
  • Research | | open

    The electronic structure and transport properties of organic semiconductors are known not to follow standard semiconductor models and a complete understanding is still lacking in the literature. The authors experimentally and theoretically demonstrate the role of phonon–charge interactions on the highest occupied molecular orbital and mobility of the organic semiconductor tetracene.

    • Emily G. Bittle
    • , Adam J. Biacchi
    • , Lisa A. Fredin
    • , Andrew A. Herzing
    • , Thomas C. Allison
    • , Angela R. Hight Walker
    •  & David J. Gundlach

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