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Physical sciences are those academic disciplines that aim to uncover the underlying laws of nature - often written in the language of mathematics. It is a collective term for areas of study including astronomy, chemistry, materials science and physics.


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    A study in Nature Metabolism reveals a hitherto-unknown enzymatic and physiological role of ABHD5, which acts as a protease that couples extracellular cues to the epigenome of cardiomyocytes by cleaving histone deacetylase 4 (HDAC4).

    • Joshua G. Travers
    •  & Timothy A. McKinsey
    Nature Metabolism 1, 1034-1035
  • Editorial |

    Plastic waste is a serious matter of concern due to its disruptive impact on the environment. While disposal and reclaim strategies represent the first lines of intervention to solve this problem, upcycling options based on catalytic transformations will eventually be necessary to reconvert enormous quantities of such material.

    Nature Catalysis 2, 945-946
  • Research Highlights |

    Biological tissues are scaffolded by the extracellular matrix, but details of how this network of fibre-like macromolecules is patterned have remained elusive. Two papers demonstrate the role of feedback between cells and matrix, and identify how the mechanism is regulated.

    • Zoe Budrikis
  • Editorial |

    The revolutionary work of John Goodenough, M. Stanley Whittingham and Akira Yoshino has finally been awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Scientific discovery and engineering brilliance continue to shape battery technology.

    Nature Energy 4, 893