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    Light-weight and stretchable, organic photovoltaics offer unique integration prospects. Now, organic solar cells and modules can also be washed while maintaining good photoconversion efficiencies.

    • Ning Li
    •  & Christoph J. Brabec
    Nature Energy 2, 772–773
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    Perovskite solar cells are developing fast but their lifetimes must be extended. Now, large-area printed perovskite solar modules have been shown to be stable for more than 10,000 hours under continuous illumination.

    • Mónica Lira-Cantú
    Nature Energy 2, 17115
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    Electrically controlled windows require power to switch between transparent and tinted states. Now, an ultraviolet light-harvesting solar cell can power smart windows without compromising their control over heat and light.

    • Delia J. Milliron
    Nature Energy 2, 17116
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    Silicon-based photovoltaics dominate the market. A study now sets a new record efficiency for large-area crystalline silicon solar cells, placing the theoretical efficiency limits within reach.

    • Pierre-Jean Ribeyron
    Nature Energy 2, 17067