Phase transitions and critical phenomena

Phase transitions and critical phenomena are the changes of a system from one regime or state to another exhibiting very different properties, and the unusual effects that occur on the boundary between them. A change in the state of matter, such as from a solid to a liquid, is a classic example.

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    A variety of magnetic structures based around ferromagnetic spin spirals have been the topic of intense study over the past decade. The discovery of spin spirals that arise from antiferromagnetic order has just broadened the horizons for magnetic possibilities even further.

    • Elizabeth Blackburn
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    Nair et al. contrast events at specific super-enhancers after acute and chronic ligand-induced activation and show that biomolecular condensates at these enhancers undergo physical changes over time that affect chromatin conformation and gene expression.

    • Linda Koch
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    Multiferroic quantum criticality — associated with the merging of two distinct quantum critical points — is explored, with implications for fundamental physics and low-temperature applications.

    • Premala Chandra
    Nature Materials 18, 197-198
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    Much academic and industrial effort has been devoted to the study of multiferroics, but if related technologies are to have real-world impact, market awareness and reproducibility are also key.