Permeation and transport

Membrane transport is the means by which small molecules and biopolymers permeate a cell membrane. Membranes are lipid bilayers exhibiting selective permeability, meaning that they are permeable to some substances and not to others. Membrane transport is mediated by membrane-transport proteins.

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    Surface topography and fluid flow combine to modify quorum sensing communication in bacterial biofilms, changing the way we think about the interaction of biofilms with external physical forces and the implications for persistence in chronic infections and industrial fouling.

    • Paul Stoodley
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    The susceptibility of organisms to chemical perturbation differs as a result of defenses that limit the permeation of small molecules. Screening for permeation, rather than bioactivity, to identify a priori organism-specific chemical space offers an intriguing approach to phenotypic assays and potentially addresses some fundamental challenges in drug discovery.

    • Andrew L Hopkins
    •  & G Richard Bickerton