Paediatric cancer


Paediatric cancers are malignancies that occur in young children.The most common childhood cancers are leukaemia and brain tumors, such as gliomas.

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    Precision medicine has dramatically changed the landscape of drug development in oncology, but this paradigm shift remains to be adopted in early phase clinical trials of molecularly targeted agents and immunotherapeutic agents in children with cancer. The authors, members of the Innovative Therapies for Children with Cancer (ITCC) Consortium, describe trial design strategies to enable drugs with promising activity to progress rapidly to randomized studies and, therefore, substantially accelerate drug development for children and adolescents with cancer.

    • Lucas Moreno
    • , Andrew D. J. Pearson
    • , Xavier Paoletti
    • , Irene Jimenez
    • , Birgit Geoerger
    • , Pamela R. Kearns
    • , C. Michel Zwaan
    • , Francois Doz
    • , Andre Baruchel
    • , Josef Vormoor
    • , Michela Casanova
    • , Stefan M. Pfister
    • , Bruce Morland
    • , Gilles Vassal
    •  & on behalf of the Innovative Therapies for Children with Cancer (ITCC) Consortium
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    The recently revised 5th edition of the WHO classification of brain tumours 'blue book' will have a major impact in stratifying diagnosis and treatment. However, low-grade neuroepithelial tumours (LEATs), which present with early-onset focal epilepsy, lack integrated clinicopathological and molecular genetic diagnostic tools. The Neuropathology Task Force of the International League against Epilepsy will critically discuss this issue, as well as offer perspectives on how to decipher and validate clinically meaningful LEAT entities using the current WHO approach.

    • Ingmar Blümcke
    • , Eleonora Aronica
    • , Albert Becker
    • , David Capper
    • , Roland Coras
    • , Mrinalini Honavar
    • , Thomas S. Jacques
    • , Katja Kobow
    • , Hajime Miyata
    • , Angelika Mühlebner
    • , José Pimentel
    • , Figen Söylemezoğlu
    •  & Maria Thom