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    How can school pupils be introduced to materials science and nanotechnology? Pierfrancesco Riccardi and Claudio Goletti illustrate the advantages of extracurricular activities designed by researchers and teachers.

    • Pierfrancesco Riccardi
    •  & Claudio Goletti
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    Universities and institutions in the United States are getting ready to celebrate nanotechnology and its achievements for National Nanotechnology Day. Lisa Friedersdorf, Quinn Spadola and Brendan Ryan share students' plans for the occasion.

    • Lisa E. Friedersdorf
    • , Quinn A. Spadola
    •  & Brendan Ryan
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    The absence of nanotechnology-specific insurance policies could be detrimental to the development of the nanotechnology industry. Better communication between insurers and scientists is an essential step to provide a regulatory framework protecting both producers and consumers.

    • Finbarr Murphy
    • , Martin Mullins
    • , Karena Hester
    • , Allen Gelwick
    • , Janeck J. Scott-Fordsmand
    •  & Trevor Maynard
    Nature Nanotechnology 12, 717–719