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    Through an overview of James Watson’s recounting of the discovery of the structure of DNA, Chris Toumey illustrates the value to be found in the stories of the interaction among scientists behind great scientific discoveries.

    • Chris Toumey
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    Engineered nanomaterials are often highly reactive and readily transform to new species. New modelling capabilities incorporate these transformations into estimates of environmental exposure concentrations and associated risks more accurately.

    • Gregory V. Lowry
    Nature Nanotechnology 13, 983-985
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    Some scientific disciplines originate from a single event. This is not the case for nanotechnology, says Chris Toumey.

    • Chris Toumey
    Nature Nanotechnology 13, 872-873
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    The new revisions of the Annexes of the European Union’s chemical legislation with regards to nanomaterials will provide more structure and clarity, but they will also force manufacturers, importers and downstream users to put substantial effort into understanding the details of what should and should not be done.

    • Lauge Peter Westergaard Clausen
    •  & Steffen Foss Hansen
    Nature Nanotechnology 13, 766-768