Organometallic chemistry


Organometallic chemistry is the study of the synthesis, structure and reactivity of chemical compounds that contain metal-carbon bonds. These compounds are often used as homogeneous catalysts.

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    Bis(β-diketiminato)dimagnesium(I) complexes are low-valent reagents that can each deliver two electrons in a selective and stoichiometric manner. Easily handled and dissolved, these species effect reduction of many inorganic and unsaturated organic substrates. This Perspective covers the development of magnesium(I) dimers and the scope of their reactivity.

    • Cameron Jones
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    Single molecule magnets have demonstrated promise for information storage, molecular spintronics and quantum computing, but are limited by their low operational temperatures. Here, Popov and coworkers prepare a SMM with a high blocking temperature of 18 K by trapping two lanthanide ions with a single-electron bond inside a fullerene.

    • Fupin Liu
    • , Denis S. Krylov
    • , Lukas Spree
    • , Stanislav M. Avdoshenko
    • , Nataliya A. Samoylova
    • , Marco Rosenkranz
    • , Aram Kostanyan
    • , Thomas Greber
    • , Anja U. B. Wolter
    • , Bernd Büchner
    •  & Alexey A. Popov
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    Understanding the chemistry of heavy radioactive elements is crucial to harnessing them for fuel and medicine. Here, the authors combine advanced X-ray spectroscopy and modelling to the study the chemical bonding of the 5f valence orbitals of uranium, neptunium and plutonium.

    • T. Vitova
    • , I. Pidchenko
    • , D. Fellhauer
    • , P. S. Bagus
    • , Y. Joly
    • , T. Pruessmann
    • , S. Bahl
    • , E. Gonzalez-Robles
    • , J. Rothe
    • , M. Altmaier
    • , M. A. Denecke
    •  & H. Geckeis
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    The direct conversion of linear alkanes to α-olefins, selectively, and without isomerization is a paradigm in the field of catalysis. We show a detailed pathway for how a base metal can promote such a reaction with several turnovers, in a non-oxidative set of C–H activation reactions, thus preventing olefin isomerization.

    • Douglas P. Solowey
    • , Manoj V. Mane
    • , Takashi Kurogi
    • , Patrick J. Carroll
    • , Brian C. Manor
    • , Mu-Hyun Baik
    •  & Daniel J. Mindiola
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    X-ray and neutron diffraction studies, in conjunction with quantum chemical techniques, have been used to define a new oxidative bond activation pathway that involves simultaneous activation of both bonds of a β-diketiminate-stabilized GaH2 unit at a single metal centre.

    • Joseph A. B. Abdalla
    • , Alexa Caise
    • , Christian P. Sindlinger
    • , Rémi Tirfoin
    • , Amber L. Thompson
    • , Alison J. Edwards
    •  & Simon Aldridge

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