Oculomotor system

The oculomotor system consists of interconnected regions throughout the central nervous system that interact to control various eye movements. It includes different brainstem nuclei, the superior colliculus of the midbrain, and various regions throughout the cerebral cortex.

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    Can the eye movements we make when there is nothing to look at shed light on our cognitive processes? A new study shows that tiny gaze shifts reveal people’s attended locations in memorized—rather than visual—space. The discovery indicates that the oculomotor system is engaged in the focusing of attention within the internal space of memory.

    • Susana Martinez-Conde
    •  & Robert G. Alexander
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    The development of systems combining rapid volumetric imaging with three-dimensional tracking has enabled the measurement of brain-wide dynamics in freely behaving animals such as worms, flies, and fish. These advances provide an exciting opportunity to understand the organization of neural circuits in the context of voluntary and natural behaviors. In this Comment, we highlight recent progress in this burgeoning area of research.

    • John A. Calarco
    •  & Aravinthan D. T. Samuel
    Nature Methods 16, 14-15
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    Number neurons encoding symbolic and nonsymbolical representations of numerical value are identified in the human medial temporal lobe

    • Katherine Whalley