Navigation is the process by which an animal or individual establishes its present location and plans a route to a future destination within its environment.

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    Spatial navigation and memory depend on neural coding of an organism’s location as well as large-scale knowledge of the environment, but how animals organize information in task-relevant spatial segments is not well understood. Here the authors show that, in rats, perirhinal neurons perform integrative operations, globally specifying where, in the task context, an animal is located.

    • Jeroen J. Bos
    • , Martin Vinck
    • , Laura A. van Mourik-Donga
    • , Jadin C. Jackson
    • , Menno P. Witter
    •  & Cyriel M. A. Pennartz
  • Research |

    The authors investigate the role of inhibition in shaping spatial selectivity of CA1 place cells. Combining whole-cell recordings, optogenetics and computational modeling, they demonstrate that inhibition enhances both rate and temporal coding of space by counteracting noise from broad out-of-field excitation.

    • Christine Grienberger
    • , Aaron D Milstein
    • , Katie C Bittner
    • , Sandro Romani
    •  & Jeffrey C Magee
    Nature Neuroscience 20, 417–426
  • Research |

    Using an environment composed of interconnected paths, the authors demonstrate that subiculum encodes a previously unrecognized form of spatial information, the axis of travel. This discovery has implications for how path positions and orientations can be related to the larger environment.

    • Jacob M Olson
    • , Kanyanat Tongprasearth
    •  & Douglas A Nitz
    Nature Neuroscience 20, 170–172
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    The authors describe a glutamatergic septoentorhinal pathway that provides running-speed-correlated input to MEC layer 2/3. The speed signal is integrated by several MEC cell classes and converted into speed-dependent output. This speed circuit may be important for the spatial computations of MEC neurons.

    • Daniel Justus
    • , Dennis Dalügge
    • , Stefanie Bothe
    • , Falko Fuhrmann
    • , Christian Hannes
    • , Hiroshi Kaneko
    • , Detlef Friedrichs
    • , Liudmila Sosulina
    • , Inna Schwarz
    • , David Anthony Elliott
    • , Susanne Schoch
    • , Frank Bradke
    • , Martin Karl Schwarz
    •  & Stefan Remy

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