Natural variation in plants

Natural variation in plants refers to the genetic diversity of a single plant species in the wild. Natural variation is a valuable source of beneficial traits for plant breeding.

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    It is hypothesized that morphological evolution occurs through a variety of molecular mechanisms. The position and patterning of petal spots in Clarkia evolved through changes to the regulatory region of a gene that encodes a transcriptional activator of pigment synthesis, prompting its control by novel positional cues.

    • Róisín Fattorini
    •  & Beverley J. Glover
    Nature Plants 4, 10-11
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    The low number of mutations in multiple sectors from a 234-year-old oak tree reveals possible mechanisms to avoid the irreversible build-up of mutations in long-lived plants.

    • Cris Kuhlemeier
    Nature Plants 3, 916-917