Natural hazards


Natural hazards are naturally occurring events that have a negative impact on people or the environment.

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    The Himalaya grow as India and Eurasia collide. Analyses of deformation during the 2015 Gorkha earthquake suggest that slip on small-scale splay faults, as well as motion during the interseismic period, help to create Earth's highest mountains.

    • Michael H. Taylor
    Nature Geoscience 9, 649–651
  • News and Views |

    Rockfall often seems to occur spontaneously without an obvious cause. Monitoring of a granitic cliff reveals that cyclical temperature variations can subtly act to slowly and incrementally damage hard rock until failure is inevitable.

    • Valentin S. Gischig
    Nature Geoscience 9, 344–345
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    Large earthquakes cause other quakes near and far. Analyses of quakes in Pakistan and Chile suggest that such triggering can occur almost instantaneously, making triggered events hard to detect, and potentially enhancing the associated hazards.

    • Gavin Hayes
    Nature Geoscience 9, 269–271