Motor protein structure


Motor protein structure describes the structure of molecular motors capable of moving along a cytoskeletal filament. In many cases, motor proteins transport cargo in a particular direction along the filament, and this directionality is associated with both protein and filament structure.

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    The detailed mechanism by which the molecular motors kinesin and myosin travel along their respective protein tracks as they generate force during motile processes is still poorly understood. In a recent breakthrough, a crystal structure of kinesin in complex with tubulin illuminates the atomic-level details of a motor-track interaction, answering many questions yet leaving a number of mysteries unresolved.

    • Jared C Cochran
    •  & F Jon Kull
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    Physics provides new approaches to difficult biological problems: a plausible mathematical model of how cilia and flagella beat has been formulated, but it needs to be subjected to rigorous experimental tests.

    • T. J. Mitchison
    •  & H. M. Mitchison
    Nature 463, 308–309