Motor protein regulation

Motor protein regulation is the process by which molecular motors moving along cytoskeletal filaments are regulated, enabling them to perform multiple functions in the cell. The mechanisms governing this regulation are preserved across structurally diverse protein families.

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    Cells in embryonic tissues generate coordinated forces to close small wounds rapidly without scarring. New research shows that large cell-to-cell variations in these forces are a key system feature that surprisingly speeds up wound healing.

    • M. Shane Hutson
    Nature Physics 14, 639-641
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    A curious peak in the distribution describing stochastic switching in bacterial motility had researchers confounded. But a careful study performed under varying mechanical conditions has now revealed that the breaking of detailed balance is to blame.

    • Yuhai Tu
    Nature Physics 13, 631-632
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    Physics provides new approaches to difficult biological problems: a plausible mathematical model of how cilia and flagella beat has been formulated, but it needs to be subjected to rigorous experimental tests.

    • T. J. Mitchison
    •  & H. M. Mitchison
    Nature 463, 308-309