Motor cortex

The motor cortex is the region of the cerebral cortex including the primary motor, premotor and supplementary motor cortices that is responsible for planning and executing actions.

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    Two recent studies have expanded our understanding of the circuits controlling urination: one described a projection from brainstem to spinal cord that relaxes the urethral sphincter, and the other revealed a subpopulation of brainstem-projecting layer 5 pyramidal neurons in primary motor cortex that direct the initiation of urination.

    • Zheyi Ni
    •  & Hailan Hu
    Nature Neuroscience 21, 1499-1501
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    A method inspired by cryptography maps neural activity to limb movement without requiring the simultaneous collection of neural activity in the motor cortex and of the corresponding physical actions.

    • Vikash Gilja
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    Species-dependent regulation of plexin A1 signalling may underlie the elimination and retention of cortico–motor neuronal contacts in developing mice and in developing primates, respectively.

    • Natasha Bray