Microresonators are micrometre-scale structures for confining light. Light is reflected internally at the edges of the resonator. This creates a series of standing-wave optical modes, or resonances, similar to those that can exist on a vibrating guitar string. Microresonators can provide the optical feedback required in semiconductor lasers.

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    Frequency combs measure optical frequencies with an unprecedented precision, allowing myriad applications in optical metrology, high-precision spectroscopy, optical atomic clocks, attosecond science, astronomy and, recently, quantum information processing.

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    A single silicon double injection resonator provides flexible response shapes, large free spectral range and tolerance to temperature deviations and fabrication defects, paving the way for high-performance integrated photonics.

    • Jun Dong
    Nature Photonics 12, 642-644
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    Spatial multiplexing enables the simultaneous generation of several low-noise frequency combs in a single microresonator, promising to enhance a host of applications such as multidimensional coherent spectroscopy.

    • Miro Erkintalo
    Nature Photonics 12, 645-647