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Materials for optics are substances used to manipulate the flow of light. This can include reflecting, absorbing, focusing or splitting an optical beam. The efficiency of a specific material at each task is strongly wavelength dependent, thus a full understanding of the interaction between light and matter is vital.


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    Simultaneous trapping, alignment and anti-Stokes fluorescence cooling of Yb3+:YLF nanocrystals from room temperature to temperatures as low as about 130 K can now be realized using a single-beam optical dipole trap within a low-pressure environment.

    • Andrew Geraci
    Nature Photonics 11, 613–614
  • News and Views |

    Switching the handedness of circularly polarized light requires separately controlling the phases of orthogonal components while maintaining their magnitudes, ideally with gigahertz operation rates. Ultrafast switching has now been realized via all-optical control of birefringent metamaterials.

    • Qiushi Liu
    •  & Ming Liu
    Nature Photonics 11, 614–616
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    The opening of the superconducting European X-ray free-electron laser in Hamburg, Germany provides exciting opportunities for exploring a completely new world of science.