Materials for energy and catalysis

Materials for energy and catalysis are materials with electrochemical properties that makes them suitable for use in energy storage applications, such as batteries, and electrocatalysts.


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    Tailoring platinum-based catalysts is of great research interest in the fields of electrochemical energy conversion and storage, as well as other applications. Now, an approach has been developed to boost the activity of platinum catalysts at the atomic scale.

    • Feng Li
    •  & Jong-Beom Baek
    Nature Catalysis 2, 477-478
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    Photocatalytic H2 production using semiconductors is a promising approach to store solar energy as a chemical fuel, but the oxidizing power of the excited holes is often wasted. Now, holes are harnessed in a dehydrocoupling strategy that simultaneously produces H2 and diesel fuel precursors from biomass-derived molecules.

    • Guanqun Han
    •  & Yujie Sun