Materials for energy and catalysis

Materials for energy and catalysis are materials with electrochemical properties that makes them suitable for use in energy storage applications, such as batteries, and electrocatalysts.


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    The realization of perovskite nanostructures featuring high emission efficiency and a wide Stokes shift is proving difficult, limiting their impact on luminescent solar concentration technology. Now, engineered exciton routing within multilayered perovskite nanoplatelets may open a path towards high-performing, low-loss devices.

    • Sergio Brovelli
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    The development of solid-state lithium batteries is largely hindered by the undesired lithium dendrite propagation during battery operations. High electronic conductivity of solid electrolytes is now revealed to be the main culprit.

    • Junpei Yue
    •  & Yu-Guo Guo
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    Commercial aircraft rely on liquid hydrocarbon fuels. Short-range all-electric aircraft have promise to reduce environmental impacts while remaining cost-competitive; however, they will require significant battery improvements.

    • Venkatasubramanian Viswanathan
    •  & B. Matthew Knapp