Magnetic devices

Magnetic devices are components for creating, manipulating or detecting magnetic fields. This can include magnetic memories, magnetometers and devices for magneto-optics. Magnetism can also play a central role in spintronic devices.

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    Laser pulses can trigger fast changes in magnetic state, facilitating new magnetic data storage and memory devices. This Review outlines the mechanisms of all-optical switching and the materials suitable for the optical control of magnetism and tests these mechanisms and materials in terms of speed, accompanying dissipations and scalability. Finally, the large-scale integration of devices in memory applications with low-energy dissipations is discussed.

    • Alexey V. Kimel
    •  & Mo Li
  • Research | | open

    Energy-efficient manipulation of spins at the nanoscale can advance magnetic storage and computing technologies. Here the authors show that low-dimensional chaos generated by alternating spin torque can induce magnetic switching in a nanoscale ferromagnet.

    • Eric Arturo Montoya
    • , Salvatore Perna
    • , Yu-Jin Chen
    • , Jordan A. Katine
    • , Massimiliano d’Aquino
    • , Claudio Serpico
    •  & Ilya N. Krivorotov
  • Research | | open

    Voltage control of spin-orbit torques (SOTs) provides additional degrees of freedom for spinmemory and -logic applications. Here the authors demonstrate a large voltage control of direction as well as amount of current-induced spin accumulation at the heavy metal/ferromagnet interface and effectively tune the SOTs in a Pt/Co/GdOx heterostructure.

    • Rahul Mishra
    • , Farzad Mahfouzi
    • , Dushyant Kumar
    • , Kaiming Cai
    • , Mengji Chen
    • , Xuepeng Qiu
    • , Nicholas Kioussis
    •  & Hyunsoo Yang
  • Research | | open

    Spin-orbit torque (SOT) induced magnetization switching facilitates all electric multi-state spin memories and spin logic devices. Here the authors show a new SOT field-free switching mode where the perpendicular layer with tilted easy axis is coupled to an in-plane layer with a uniaxial easy axis.

    • W. J. Kong
    • , C. H. Wan
    • , X. Wang
    • , B. S. Tao
    • , L. Huang
    • , C. Fang
    • , C. Y. Guo
    • , Y. Guang
    • , M. Irfan
    •  & X. F. Han
  • Research | | open

    The high speed switching and energy efficiency nature grant all-optical switching (AOS) great potential for future photonic integrated spintronic devices. Here the authors demonstrate the combination of AOS and domain wall propagation in Pt/Co/Gd synthetic ferrimagnetic racetrack for applications in photonic memory technologies.

    • M. L. M. Lalieu
    • , R. Lavrijsen
    •  & B. Koopmans

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