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    Introduction of genetic evidence of a predisposition to violent or impulsive behaviour is on the rise in criminal trials. However, a panoply of data suggests that such evidence is ineffective at reducing judgements of culpability and punishment, and therefore its use in the legal process is likely to diminish.

    • Nicholas Scurich
    •  & Paul S. Appelbaum
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    Egypt’s courts must listen to dozens of Nobel prizewinners who have defended the founder of the Alexandria Library.

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    Developments in attribution science are improving our ability to detect human influence on extreme weather events. By implication, the legal duties of government, business and others to manage foreseeable harms are broadening, and may lead to more climate change litigation.

    • Sophie Marjanac
    • , Lindene Patton
    •  & James Thornton
    Nature Geoscience 10, 616–619