Information theory and computation

Information theory and computation is the study and development of protocols and algorithms for solving problems and analysing information. This discipline usually breaks information down into individual bits, and then determines the optimum logical operation required to efficiently process this data in any required way.


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    While simple contagions spread efficiently from highly connected ‘influencers’, new research has revealed another kind of spreading process, that of complex contagions, which follows surprisingly different pathways to disperse through social networks.

    • Damon Centola
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    Bluetooth allows electronic devices to communicate over short distances and is used by billions of devices worldwide. Jaap Haartsen recalls the developments that led to the establishment of the Bluetooth wireless technology standard.

    • Jaap Haartsen
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    Electronic devices today are untethered and always connected, and wireless networks have enabled this free flow of information. John O’Sullivan details the developments leading up to the establishment of the wireless network standard 802.11a, which is more commonly known as Wi-Fi.

    • John O’Sullivan
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    The bit is a proper unit of measurement and should be recognized as such, argues Iulia Georgescu.

    • Iulia Georgescu
    Nature Physics 12, 888