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    An analysis of US domestic flight data for the past two decades reveals the overwhelmingly tight control of climate variability on air travel. Potential feedbacks between aviation and climate change are quantified using CMIP5 model projections.

    • Kristopher B. Karnauskas
    • , Jeffrey P. Donnelly
    • , Hannah C. Barkley
    •  & Jonathan E. Martin
    Nature Climate Change 5, 1068–1073
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    This paper reviews the monitoring, reporting and verification of greenhouse-gas emissions needed for carbon-pricing and management mechanisms.

    • Valentin Bellassen
    • , Nicolas Stephan
    • , Marion Afriat
    • , Emilie Alberola
    • , Alexandra Barker
    • , Jean-Pierre Chang
    • , Caspar Chiquet
    • , Ian Cochran
    • , Mariana Deheza
    • , Christopher Dimopoulos
    • , Claudine Foucherot
    • , Guillaume Jacquier
    • , Romain Morel
    • , Roderick Robinson
    •  & Igor Shishlov
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    The long-term demand for materials and the opportunities for scrap recycling depend on the stock dynamics of the products in use. In the case of aluminium, research shows that new technologies in primary production can reduce emissions while the aluminium stocks grow, but beyond stock saturation the largest reduction potential shifts to scrap recycling.

    • Gang Liu
    • , Colton E. Bangs
    •  & Daniel B. Müller
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    The processes of abstraction, conveyance and treatment of fresh water and wastewater are all energy-intensive processes. This systematic review shows that the growing energy use and greenhouse-gas emissions from the water sector are under-recognized, suggesting the need for energy use to be further quantified and integrated into water resources management.

    • Sabrina G. S. A. Rothausen
    •  & Declan Conway

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