Homogeneous catalysis


Homogeneous catalysis is a type of catalysis in which the catalyst operates in the same phase as the reactants — usually dissolved in a solvent. Mechanistic studies of homogeneous catalysts are generally easier than those of heterogeneous catalysts, which aids optimization. They can, however, be difficult to separate from the products and thus recycle.

Latest Research and Reviews

  • Research |

    Using a ligand as a promoter enhances the reactivity of the palladium catalyst in non-directed C–H functionalization of arenes, enabling the arene to be used as the limiting reagent.

    • Peng Wang
    • , Pritha Verma
    • , Guoqin Xia
    • , Jun Shi
    • , Jennifer X. Qiao
    • , Shiwei Tao
    • , Peter T. W. Cheng
    • , Michael A. Poss
    • , Marcus E. Farmer
    • , Kap-Sun Yeung
    •  & Jin-Quan Yu
    Nature 551, 489–493
  • Research | | open

    Investigating unusual organometallic pathways may help to efficiently control product selectivity in homogeneous catalysis. Here, the authors report the hydroarylation of aromatic amides with norbornene derivatives and propose the formation of a rhodium-carbene intermediate leading to rarely observed endo-products.

    • Kaname Shibata
    • , Satoko Natsui
    • , Mamoru Tobisu
    • , Yoshiya Fukumoto
    •  & Naoto Chatani
  • Research | | open

    Linear α-olefins are important bulk chemicals annually produced in megaton scale. Here, the authors report a trimetallic catalyst system for the synthesis of 1-butene and a broad range of α-olefins and achieve control over chain length by tuning the reaction rates of the nickel and yttrium catalysts.

    • Andreas Gollwitzer
    • , Thomas Dietel
    • , Winfried P. Kretschmer
    •  & Rhett Kempe
  • Research | | open

    The Mannich reaction proceeds by functionalization of C(sp3)-H bonds alpha to carbonyls. Here, the authors suppress the Mannich reactivity of acetophenones in presence of a manganese catalyst and obtain valuable o-aminoalkylacetophenones and isoindolines via C(sp2)-H functionalization with imines.

    • Bingwei Zhou
    • , Yuanyuan Hu
    • , Ting Liu
    •  & Congyang Wang

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