History of chemistry

The history of chemistry is rich, evolving from early discussions on the nature of matter in ancient Egypt and Greece, through to the emergence of alchemy, the development of the periodic table and quantum chemistry.

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    Peer review has established itself as a crucial validation mechanism for modern science. Despite the disadvantages associated with its practice, it remains a powerful method to add value to scientific publications.

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    The periodic table is immensely powerful for rationalizing many different properties of the chemical elements, but would turning it on its head make some important aspects easier to understand and give everyone a new perspective on chemistry?

    • Martyn Poliakoff
    • , Alexis D. J. Makin
    • , Samantha L. Y. Tang
    •  & Ellen Poliakoff
    Nature Chemistry 11, 391-393
  • Comments and Opinion |

    Weighing up whether or not to drink heavy water, Michelle Francl plunges into its history.

    • Michelle Francl
    Nature Chemistry 11, 284-285
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    The first element to be identified one atom at a time was named after the main architect of the modern periodic table. This seemingly straightforward etymological choice illustrates how scientific recognition can eclipse geopolitical tensions, says Anne Pichon.

    • Anne Pichon
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    Lanthanum is the first lanthanide — or the last. Or it’s not a lanthanide at all. In any case, Brett Thornton and Shawn Burdette are sure that it’s an element that might or might not be in group three of the periodic table.

    • Brett F. Thornton
    •  & Shawn C. Burdette