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    Nation states need to incentivize negative emissions technologies if they are to take the decarbonization of whole energy systems seriously. This incentivization must account for public values and interests in relation to which technologies to incentivize, how they should be incentivized and how they should be governed once incentivized.

    • Rob Bellamy
    Nature Energy 3, 532-534
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    • Sivan Kartha
    • , Tom Athanasiou
    • , Simon Caney
    • , Elizabeth Cripps
    • , Kate Dooley
    • , Navroz K. Dubash
    • , Teng Fei
    • , Paul G. Harris
    • , Christian Holz
    • , Bård Lahn
    • , Darrel Moellendorf
    • , Benito Müller
    • , J. Timmons Roberts
    • , Ambuj Sagar
    • , Henry Shue
    • , Peter Singer
    •  & Harald Winkler
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    After years of working towards a climate accord, the Paris Agreement of 2015 marked the shift from negotiating to reach consensus on climate action to implementation of such action. The challenge now is to ensure transparency in the processes and identify the details of what is required.

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    Following President Trump's withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, cities worldwide have pledged support to combat climate change. Along with a growing coalition of businesses and institutions, cities represent a beacon of hope for carbon reduction in politically tumultuous times.

    • Mark Watts