Geriatrics is a medical discipline focused on elderly individuals. Issues such as physical mobility and stability, memory loss, and neurodegenerative diseases are central to geriatric medicine.

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    The optimal blood-pressure (BP) goals for elderly patients remain inconclusive, despite the recent publication of meta-analyses comparing intensive BP control with standard BP control. In searching for therapeutic approaches in these patients, researchers should change the focus from optimal BP values to a more holistic, individual approach.

    • Josep Redon
  • Correspondence |

    • Misa Hirose
    • , Paul Schilf
    • , Yask Gupta
    • , Marvin N. Wright
    • , Marvin N. Wright
    • , Olaf Jöhren
    • , Anika E. Wagner
    • , Christian Sina
    • , Andreas Ziegler
    • , Michael Ristow
    •  & Saleh M. Ibrahim
    Nature 540, E13–E14
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    In a recent study, men ≥80 years who received external beam radiotherapy (EBRT) for prostate cancer lived longer than those who were observed. Greatest benefits were reported in men with moderate or aggressive disease, and those with few comorbidities. The study also emphasizes the large proportion of men who went untreated after diagnosis.

    • Stephen T. Ryan
    •  & Jesse D. Sammon
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    Monthly or annual bolus doses of vitamin D have been reported to be harmful rather than beneficial, increasing falls and fractures. In this Perspectives, J. Christopher Gallagher proposes that the vitamin D dose recommended by the Institute of Medicine be revised downwards.

    • J. Christopher Gallagher