Genome informatics


Genome informatics is the field in which computer and statistical techniques are applied to derive biological information from genome sequences. Genome informatics includes methods to analyse DNA sequence information and to predict protein sequence and structure.

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  • Editorial |

    A solution to screening for recessive heritable disorders and identifying genetic influences on common diseases is to be found in the history of one of the world's most populous regions. Large South Asian populations are a mosaic of smaller populations, many of which have founder effects as extreme as those in the European isolates that first inspired genetic medicine.

  • News and Views |

    The sequencing and draft assembly of the sweet potato genome has resolved much of its complex genetic redundancies, allowing a better inference of the botanical origin of the staple crop.

    • Haibao Tang
    Nature Plants 3, 688–689
  • News |

    PCR duplicates—sequencing reads from the same original genomic fragment—can cause headaches. But there are remedies.

    • Vivien Marx
    Nature Methods 14, 473–476
  • News and Views |

    The newly described de novo goat genome sequence is the most contiguous diploid vertebrate assembly generated thus far using whole-genome assembly and scaffolding methods. The contiguity of this assembly is approaching that of the finished human and mouse genomes and suggests an affordable roadmap to high-quality references for thousands of species.

    • Kim C Worley
    Nature Genetics 49, 485–486