Fluids are amorphous substances, mostly liquids or gases, that flow under an applied shear stress and have the tendency to assume the shape of their container.

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  • Research | | open

    Active chiral fluids are a special case of active matter in which energy is introduced into rotational motion via local application of torque. Here Banerjee et al. develop a hydrodynamic theory of such active fluids and connect it with odd viscosity which was previously considered an abstract concept.

    • Debarghya Banerjee
    • , Anton Souslov
    • , Alexander G. Abanov
    •  & Vincenzo Vitelli
  • Research |

    A liquid droplet is shown to slide across a solid surface subject to friction forces analogous with those between two solids. The phenomenon is generic, and closes a gap in our understanding of liquid–solid friction.

    • Nan Gao
    • , Florian Geyer
    • , Dominik W. Pilat
    • , Sanghyuk Wooh
    • , Doris Vollmer
    • , Hans-Jürgen Butt
    •  & Rüdiger Berger
  • Research | | open

    Emulsions—stabilized mixtures of immiscible liquids—are found in many products, ranging from pharmaceuticals to food. Here Guha et al. propose a simple emulsification method where water vapor is condensed onto oil with surfactant, producing a water-in-oil emulsion with droplets as small as 100 nm.

    • Ingrid F. Guha
    • , Sushant Anand
    •  & Kripa K. Varanasi
  • Research | | open

    Active nematics consist of self-driven components that develop orientational order and turbulent flow. Here Guillamat et al. investigate an active nematic constrained in a quasi-2D geometrical setup and show that there exists an intrinsic length scale that determines the geometry in all forcing regimes.

    • P. Guillamat
    • , J. Ignés-Mullol
    •  & F. Sagués

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