Ferroelectrics and multiferroics

Ferroelectrics and multiferroics are a class of materials that exhibit switching of their physical properties under an external influence. Ferroelectrics demonstrate a switchable electric polarization when an electric field is applied. Multiferroics exhibit a similar ‘ferroic’ behaviour in two or more of their (usually electric, magnetic or elastic) properties.

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  • News and Views |

    Irradiating a PbTiO3/SrTiO3 superlattice with ultrafast UV light pulses modifies elastic and electrostatic interactions, resulting in the formation of a stable complex 3D supercrystal.

    • J. M. Gregg
    Nature Materials 18, 304-306
  • Comments and Opinion |

    Nian Sun, a professor at Northeastern University (Electrical and Computer Engineering Department), talks to Nature Materials about the potential applications of multiferroic materials, and issues associated with commercializing these technologies.

    • Stephen Shevlin
    Nature Materials 18, 191-192
  • News and Views |

    Multiferroic quantum criticality — associated with the merging of two distinct quantum critical points — is explored, with implications for fundamental physics and low-temperature applications.

    • Premala Chandra
    Nature Materials 18, 197-198
  • Editorial |

    Much academic and industrial effort has been devoted to the study of multiferroics, but if related technologies are to have real-world impact, market awareness and reproducibility are also key.

  • Comments and Opinion |

    Topological structures have considerable potential in nanoelectronics and new device concepts. They are key to the design and understanding of novel functionalities in ferroic materials — that is, materials that have one or more types of built-in order such as magnetic, ferroelectric, ferroelastic and multiferroic materials.

    • Jan Seidel
    Nature Materials 18, 188-190