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    The absence of nanotechnology-specific insurance policies could be detrimental to the development of the nanotechnology industry. Better communication between insurers and scientists is an essential step to provide a regulatory framework protecting both producers and consumers.

    • Finbarr Murphy
    • , Martin Mullins
    • , Karena Hester
    • , Allen Gelwick
    • , Janeck J. Scott-Fordsmand
    •  & Trevor Maynard
    Nature Nanotechnology 12, 717–719
  • Editorial |

    Risk assessment and life-cycle assessment provide complementary information on the impact of a technology on the environment. We present diverging opinions on how to integrate the two approaches to best evaluate the environmental impact of engineered nanomaterials.

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    The time has come to implement a regulatory framework tailored to manufactured materials. I propose a new legislative framework that combines registration, evaluation, authorization and categorization of nanomaterials.

    • Steffen Foss Hansen
    Nature Nanotechnology 12, 714–716
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    Steffen Foss Hansen and Anders Baun present some of the approaches that they have implemented in their Nanotechnology and the Environment course.

    • Steffen Foss Hansen
    •  & Anders Baun