Environmental economics


Environmental economics is the study of the economics of ecological and environmental issues. It focuses on the monetary value of ecosystems and the costs and benefits of environmental policies.

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    A randomized controlled trial of a ‘payments for ecosystem services’ scheme in Uganda finds a significant reduction in deforestation, with cost-of-carbon savings greater than the price of the payments.

    • Ruth DeFries
  • Comments and Opinion |

    Global Forest Watch provides up-to-date and interactive information on forest cover for governments, the private sector, NGOs, journalists, universities and the general public. We talked to Director Crystal Davis about how it works, its achievements and its future plans.

    • Patrick Goymer
  • Comments and Opinion |

    As peace consolidates in Colombia, can biodiversity survive development? We discuss challenges and opportunities for integrating forest biodiversity conservation into developing, war-dilapidated economies of post-conflict regions, paving the way for a green economy and climate resilient society.

    • Brigitte Baptiste
    • , Miguel Pinedo-Vasquez
    • , Victor H. Gutierrez-Velez
    • , Germán I. Andrade
    • , Pablo Vieira
    • , Lina M. Estupiñán-Suárez
    • , Maria C. Londoño
    • , William Laurance
    •  & Tien Ming Lee