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  • Editorial |

    As the yellow vests protests in France continue despite rollback of planned fuel taxes, energy science and policy will have to rethink how they look at social unrest.

  • Comments and Opinion |

    Energy poverty in the European Union poses a distinct challenge across member states and requires tailored, targeted action. EU policymakers need to strengthen the response to energy poverty and engender action across member states, moving beyond the focus on vulnerable consumers in energy markets.

    • Audrey Dobbins
    • , Francesco Fuso Nerini
    • , Paul Deane
    •  & Steve Pye
    Nature Energy 4, 2-5
  • News and Views |

    Multilateral development banks, such as the World Bank, have been encouraging countries to invest more in green-energy technologies. Analysis of project data suggests their own renewable energy portfolios have also grown in step.

    • Jamal Saghir
    Nature Energy 4, 14-15
  • News and Views |

    Perceptions of energy use and potential savings are rife with systematic and problematic errors. Now research shows that these misperceptions are more important predictors than actual savings for consumer acceptance of a demand-side response programme, potentially limiting the effectiveness of such programmes for both utilities and consumers.

    • Shahzeen Z. Attari
    Nature Energy 3, 1029-1030