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  • News and Views |

    Distributed energy resources will play a fundamental role in providing low-carbon electricity in a smart, flexible way. A new study develops a cross-disciplinary planning tool showing that ‘going distributed’ always pays.

    • Angelo Facchini
    Nature Energy 2, 17129
  • News and Views |

    Renewable energy policies enjoy greater support compared to policies focused explicitly on climate change, and thus present a politically plausible path toward carbon emission reduction. However, new research shows that renewable energy policy support declines when people are informed about the policy costs for home energy bills.

    • Darrick Evensen
    Nature Energy 2, 17106
  • Editorial |

    It is easy to conflate what is known based on the scientific literature and what feels known because it is intuitive. However, empirical validation and precision are particularly critical for policy-relevant behavioural research, regardless of whether the results are surprising.

    Nature Energy 2, 17101
  • News and Views |

    As storage technology progresses it offers a range of solutions and services to users and the electricity industry. A new study explores whether or not this will eventually lead to self-sufficient consumers and spell the end of the networks as we know them.

    • Tooraj Jamasb
    Nature Energy 2, 17092