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  • Editorial |

    Recent progress demonstrates the potential of hydrogen as a vector for decarbonization in different sectors of the energy system, but continued support is required to avoid losing momentum in delivering solutions to climate and energy goals.

    Nature Energy 4, 169
  • News and Views |

    Electricity production has traditionally required extensive water use, so growing economies such as China are expected to increase their freshwater withdrawal and consumption to meet growing electricity demand. Research shows, however, that through restructuring the electricity sector and increasing efficiency, China may have broken this coupling.

    • Evan G. R. Davies
    Nature Energy 3, 716-717
  • Comments and Opinion |

    Low photovoltaic module costs imply that increasing the energy yield per module area is now a priority. We argue that modules harvesting sunlight from both sides will strongly penetrate the market but that more field data, better simulation tools and international measurement standards are needed to overcome perceived investment risks.

    • R. Kopecek
    •  & J. Libal
    Nature Energy 3, 443-446
  • Comments and Opinion |

    Recent developments in photovoltaic technologies enable stimulating architectural integration into building façades and rooftops. Upcoming policies and a better coordination of all stakeholders will transform how we approach building-integrated photovoltaics and should lead to strong deployment.

    • Christophe Ballif
    • , Laure-Emmanuelle Perret-Aebi
    • , Sophie Lufkin
    •  & Emmanuel Rey
    Nature Energy 3, 438-442
  • News and Views |

    Wind facilities have generally deployed turbines of the same power and height in regular uniform arrays. Now, the modern generation of turbines, with customer-selectable tower heights and larger rotors, can significantly increase wind energy’s economic potential using less land to generate cheaper electricity.

    • Robert Thresher
    Nature Energy 3, 453-454