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  • News and Views |

    The shale gas revolution has led to a boom in construction of shale oil and gas wells in recent years. New research offers a more accurate accounting of its growing land-use footprint.

    • Joseph Fargione
    Nature Energy 2, 770–771
  • Editorial |

    Recent large-scale carbon-capture schemes in the energy sector point to progress, but further development and support are still required to improve viability and widespread deployment.

    Nature Energy 2, 17141
  • News and Views |

    Typically, the allocation of renewable power sources is determined by a desire to maximize output and reduce generation costs in order to satisfy the preferences of a small number of stakeholders. A new model broadens this perspective by considering societal equity and acceptability, with the aim of improving the siting process.

    • Philipp Grunewald
    Nature Energy 2, 17130
  • Comments and Opinion |

    Private sector investments in African power generation play an increasingly important role in addressing the continent's electricity supply shortages. Our analysis of investment trends in sub-Saharan Africa reveals some key success factors.

    • Anton Eberhard
    • , Katharine Gratwick
    • , Elvira Morella
    •  & Pedro Antmann
    Nature Energy 2, 17005