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    Multilateral development banks, such as the World Bank, have been encouraging countries to invest more in green-energy technologies. Analysis of project data suggests their own renewable energy portfolios have also grown in step.

    • Jamal Saghir
    Nature Energy 4, 14-15
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    The German Energiewende is an ambitious project, but the expansion of renewables needed to achieve its goals is expensive. Now, research shows that consumers would accept higher levies to finance renewables if exemption policies were abolished, forcing industries to pay their fair share.

    • Claudia Schwirplies
    Nature Energy 3, 822-823
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    Renewable energies are on the rise worldwide, but they have to compete against established fossil energies. Lifting import tariffs on selected inputs for renewables can foster the transition to these energies.

    • Sebastian Strunz
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    Renewable portfolio standards in the United States are widely recognized as a significant state-level instrument to catalyse growth in renewables. Comprehensive analysis now shows that the effectiveness of these standards depends on their stringency, with more demanding standards leading to higher renewable penetration.

    • Nikolay Anguelov
    Nature Energy 3, 712-713