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    Concentrating solar power with thermal storage offers dispatchable renewable power but has enjoyed less support than photovoltaics. This study of global concentrating solar power projects finds a learning rate of 20%, which should be sustained if policy support and industrial development continue.

    • Johan Lilliestam
    • , Mercè Labordena
    • , Anthony Patt
    •  & Stefan Pfenninger
    Nature Energy 2, 17094
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    This paper presents interrelated indicators for tracking progress towards the Paris Agreement. Findings show broad consistency with keeping warming below 2 °C, but technological advances are needed to achieve net-zero emissions.

    • Glen P. Peters
    • , Robbie M. Andrew
    • , Josep G. Canadell
    • , Sabine Fuss
    • , Robert B. Jackson
    • , Jan Ivar Korsbakken
    • , Corinne Le Quéré
    •  & Nebojsa Nakicenovic
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    Reforms of energy markets are necessary to face the low carbon transition but are problematic to measure. New data evaluate implicit taxes and subsidies for gasoline in almost all countries at monthly intervals showing mixed results that highlight the difficulty in implementing effective policy tools.

    • Michael L. Ross
    • , Chad Hazlett
    •  & Paasha Mahdavi
    Nature Energy 2, 16201
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    Biofuel prices depend on related commodities—such as corn, sugar cane and palm oil—but their connection to other non-feedstock commodities is less well explored. Filip et al. analyse a data set of 33 commodities and assets and examine their relationships to biofuels in Brazil, the US and Europe.

    • Ondrej Filip
    • , Karel Janda
    • , Ladislav Kristoufek
    •  & David Zilberman
    Nature Energy 1, 16169
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    Further global deployment of wind energy, both onshore and offshore, will depend on its future costs. Wiser et al. report the results of a survey of 163 leading experts on the possibilities of cost reduction and technological advancements by 2050.

    • Ryan Wiser
    • , Karen Jenni
    • , Joachim Seel
    • , Erin Baker
    • , Maureen Hand
    • , Eric Lantz
    •  & Aaron Smith
    Nature Energy 1, 16135
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    Cheap energy can encourage economic growth but it can also force economies into specific energy-intensive futures. Roger Fouquet argues that path dependence in energy systems has profound implications for an economy and should be considered carefully before governments make choices about energy provision.

    • Roger Fouquet
    Nature Energy 1, 16098

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