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    It is not clear how the public views the acceptability of bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS). Here the authors explored public perceptions of BECCS by situating the technology in three policy scenarios and found that the policy instrument used to incentivise BECCS significantly affects the degree of public support for the technology.

    • Rob Bellamy
    • , Javier Lezaun
    •  & James Palmer
  • Research | | open

    Chinese government has implemented regulations to reduce mining-related methane emission since 2010. Here the authors estimated methane emissions in China using GOSAT satellite observation and results reveal a business-as-usual increase in methane emissions since 2010 despite those ambitious targets.

    • Scot M. Miller
    • , Anna M. Michalak
    • , Robert G. Detmers
    • , Otto P. Hasekamp
    • , Lori M. P. Bruhwiler
    •  & Stefan Schwietzke
  • Research |

    The rooftop photovoltaics (PV) industry in the United States has grown significantly, but little is known about any racial and ethnic disparity in PV adoption. This study compares the adoption of rooftop PV across census areas grouped by racial and ethnic majority. It finds that in census areas that have predominantly black or Hispanic people, average rooftop PV installation is significantly lower.

    • Deborah A. Sunter
    • , Sergio Castellanos
    •  & Daniel M. Kammen
  • Research | | open

    Climate change will affect both the demand for electrical power and the generating capabilities of hydropower plants. Here the authors investigated the combined impact of these effects in the US Pacific Northwest by considering the dynamics of the regional  power grid, where they reveal a profound impact of climate change on power shortfall risk by the year 2035.

    • S. W. D. Turner
    • , N. Voisin
    • , J. Fazio
    • , D. Hua
    •  & M. Jourabchi
  • Reviews |

    The wastewater treatment industry contributes approximately 1.6% of greenhouse gas emissions. This Review analyses alternative wastewater treatment pathways for simultaneous CO2 capture and utilization and shows the multiple benefits of microbial electrochemical and phototrophic processes.

    • Lu Lu
    • , Jeremy S. Guest
    • , Catherine A. Peters
    • , Xiuping Zhu
    • , Greg H. Rau
    •  & Zhiyong Jason Ren
  • Research |

    Electric aircraft offer an aviation decarbonization pathway and attract increasing attention owing to the rapid development of batteries. Here Andreas Schäfer and colleagues analyse the potential technological, economic and environmental viability of battery-electric commercial aircraft.

    • Andreas W. Schäfer
    • , Steven R. H. Barrett
    • , Khan Doyme
    • , Lynnette M. Dray
    • , Albert R. Gnadt
    • , Rod Self
    • , Aidan O’Sullivan
    • , Athanasios P. Synodinos
    •  & Antonio J. Torija
    Nature Energy 4, 160-166

News and Comment

  • Editorial |

    As the yellow vests protests in France continue despite rollback of planned fuel taxes, energy science and policy will have to rethink how they look at social unrest.

  • Comments and Opinion |

    Energy poverty in the European Union poses a distinct challenge across member states and requires tailored, targeted action. EU policymakers need to strengthen the response to energy poverty and engender action across member states, moving beyond the focus on vulnerable consumers in energy markets.

    • Audrey Dobbins
    • , Francesco Fuso Nerini
    • , Paul Deane
    •  & Steve Pye
    Nature Energy 4, 2-5
  • News and Views |

    Multilateral development banks, such as the World Bank, have been encouraging countries to invest more in green-energy technologies. Analysis of project data suggests their own renewable energy portfolios have also grown in step.

    • Jamal Saghir
    Nature Energy 4, 14-15