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    Perceptions of energy use and potential savings are rife with systematic and problematic errors. Now research shows that these misperceptions are more important predictors than actual savings for consumer acceptance of a demand-side response programme, potentially limiting the effectiveness of such programmes for both utilities and consumers.

    • Shahzeen Z. Attari
    Nature Energy 3, 1029-1030
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    Smart in-home devices, if integrated with the capability to transact energy with one another and with the electric grid, can offer a disruptive solution to managing energy supply and demand. Such transactive energy networks could turn homes from passive energy consumers into intelligent, active energy storage and service providers for the future grid.

    • Na (Nora) Wang
    Nature Energy 3, 907-909
  • Editorial |

    Behavioural interventions are an important instrument in the energy-policy toolkit. However, researchers and policymakers should consider their own bounded rationality in these efforts.

    Nature Energy 3, 701