Element cycles


Element cycles are the biogeochemical pathways by which elements are transformed and moved through various states by geological and biological processes.

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  • News and Views |

    Phosphorus loading can cause eutrophication of lakes. Analyses of lake chemistry in China reveal that policies have led to lower phosphorus levels overall, but increasing trends in some lakes suggest that expanded policies may be needed.

    • Jessica Corman
    Nature Geoscience 10, 469–470
  • News and Views |

    Organic carbon fluxes from glaciers are a key control on biogeochemical cycles in polar regions. Two analyses of carbon cycling in glaciers show the importance of glacier–surface microbial communities in setting these inputs.

    • Elizabeth B. Kujawinski
    Nature Geoscience 10, 329–330
  • News and Views |

    Over 70% of the volcanism on Earth occurs beneath an ocean veil. Now, robotic- and fibre-optic-based technologies are beginning to reveal this deep environment and identify subaqueous volcanoes as rich sources of sulfur, carbon dioxide and life.

    • Deborah Kelley
    Nature Geoscience 10, 251–253
  • News and Views |

    Freezing and thawing of soils leads to large pulses of nitrous oxide release. An empirical model shows that cropland winter nitrous oxide emissions are substantial, calling for a revision of the global nitrous oxide budget.

    • Klaus Butterbach-Bahl
    •  & Benjamin Wolf
    Nature Geoscience 10, 248–249
  • Editorial |

    Iron is an essential fuel for life in the oceans. The influence of this element on biogeochemistry — and nitrogen cycling in particular — varies across environments and time.

  • News and Views |

    Dissolved iron is mysteriously pervasive in deep ocean hydrothermal plumes. An analysis of gas, metals and particles from a 4,000 km plume transect suggests that dissolved iron is maintained by rapid and reversible exchanges with sinking particles.

    • William B. Homoky
    Nature Geoscience 10, 162–163