Electronics, photonics and device physics


Electronics, photonics and device physics is the study and development of components for processing information or for system control. Electronics operates using electrons, whereas photonics uses light. An important focus is on miniaturization; reducing the size of individual components so that they can be integrated together in compact modules.

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  • Editorial |

    Research in skin-integrated electronic technologies has the potential to produce breakthroughs in wearable health monitoring and diagnostics.

  • Comments and Opinion |

    The two-way symmetry of electromagnetic wave propagation can be broken effectively in optomechanical systems, enabling new devices that route photons in unconventional ways.

    • Ewold Verhagen
    •  & Andrea Alù
    Nature Physics 13, 922–924
  • News and Views |

    Simultaneous trapping, alignment and anti-Stokes fluorescence cooling of Yb3+:YLF nanocrystals from room temperature to temperatures as low as about 130 K can now be realized using a single-beam optical dipole trap within a low-pressure environment.

    • Andrew Geraci
    Nature Photonics 11, 613–614
  • News and Views |

    Microchips embedding a magnetic sensor and a radiofrequency transmitter can be localized in the body of a mouse at submillimetre resolution when under a magnetic field.

    • Yong Lin Kong
    •  & Giovanni Traverso