Ectopic hormones

Ectopic hormones are hormones produced by tumours derived from tissues that are not normally engaged in the production of that hormone. Ectopic hormone production is generally considered inappropriate and detrimental as the hormones can dysregulate various metabolic functions that are reliant on the hormone.

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    Crystal structures of free and ligand-bound β-klotho reveal that it acts as a primary receptor for FGF21, and demonstrate how a sugar-cutting enzyme has evolved to become a receptor for hormones that regulate metabolic processes.

    • Sangwon Lee
    • , Jungyuen Choi
    • , Jyotidarsini Mohanty
    • , Leiliane P. Sousa
    • , Francisco Tome
    • , Els Pardon
    • , Jan Steyaert
    • , Mark A. Lemmon
    • , Irit Lax
    •  & Joseph Schlessinger
    Nature 553, 501-505