Ecosystem services

Ecosystem services are the benefits and functions that natural ecosystems provide to people. They include provision of food and clean water, pollination of crops, climate regulation and ecotourism.

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  • News and Views |

    When local crop failures in different regions occur simultaneously, the result can be an amplification of global food production shocks. Better understanding of the role of production synchronicity in historic food system stability is an important step towards anticipating possible future losses.

    • Kirsty Lewis
  • News and Views |

    The EAT-Lancet Commission proposes a universal healthy diet that could help to limit environmental changes within the planetary boundaries, but further work is needed to adapt this diet to local conditions and limit unintended environmental and health impacts of changing diets.

    • Hanna L. Tuomisto
  • Editorial |

    Despite on-going habitat loss caused by the advance of urbanisation, there are reasons to feel hopeful that cities can be spaces that benefit both biodiversity and human well-being — but it will require cross-sector engagement among ecologists, policymakers and the public.

  • News and Views |

    An integration of 20 years of data on fisheries catch and reef habitat characteristics shows how bleaching-induced shifts in reefscapes change species abundances but may not impair total catch capacity.

    • Alice Rogers