DNA nanostructures


DNA nanostructures are nanoscale structures made of DNA, which acts both as a structural and functional element. DNA nanostructures can serve as scaffolds for the formation of more complex structures.

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    The field of DNA nanotechnology takes the DNA molecule out of its biological context and uses its information to assemble structural motifs and connect these motifs together. In this Review, a historical account of the field and the approaches used to assemble DNA nanostructures are outlined, followed by a discussion of emerging applications.

    • Nadrian C. Seeman
    •  & Hanadi F. Sleiman
  • Research |

    Primer exchange reaction (PER) cascades have now been used to grow nascent single-stranded DNA with user-specified sequences following prescribed reaction pathways. PER synthesis occurs in a programmable, autonomous, in situ and environmentally responsive fashion, providing a platform for engineering molecular circuits and devices with a wide range of sensing, monitoring, recording, signal processing and actuation capabilities.

    • Jocelyn Y. Kishi
    • , Thomas E. Schaus
    • , Nikhil Gopalkrishnan
    • , Feng Xuan
    •  & Peng Yin
  • Research | | open

    DNA nanostructures can cage enzymes but currently fall short of controlling their reactions with substrates. Here, the authors enclose an enzyme inside a dynamic DNA vault, which regulates its access to substrate molecules—and thus its enzymatic activity—through a multi-lock mechanism.

    • Guido Grossi
    • , Mette Dalgaard Ebbesen Jepsen
    • , Jørgen Kjems
    •  & Ebbe Sloth Andersen
  • Research | | open

    Integration of semiconducting properties into the basic topological motif of DNA remains challenging. Here, the authors show a coordination polymer derived from 6-thioguanosine that complexes with Au(I) ions to form a wire-like material that can also integrate semiconducting sequences into the framework of DNA materials.

    • Lamia L. G. Al-Mahamad
    • , Osama El-Zubir
    • , David G. Smith
    • , Benjamin R. Horrocks
    •  & Andrew Houlton

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